This guy shows how Rallying videos should be done – Tor Andre Børresen’s WRC videos reach million hits


Many think WRC promoter is unable to provide material that would truly capture the speed and danger of the sport. However, that task is not impossible. Thanks to many enthusiastic rallying fans social media is filled with amazing video reviews from the events. One of the most popular and talented amateur filmographers is Norwegian Tor Andre Børresen. Rallirinki contacted Tor Andre for a handful of questions.

Tämä artikkeli julkaistiin aiemmin suomeksi: Norjalainen näyttää rallivideoiden teon mallin – Jyskälä-filmillä pian miljoona katsojaa

You did once again a stunning video from Rally Finland. What kind of response have you got for it?

Tor Andre Børresen: “Many of the responses has been about how spectacular the cars look and that it will be absolute madness with the 2017 cars on the crazy roads in Finland! So my goal is reached when I can make the cars look brutal even on video!”

People already know what to expect from your films. What is the key principle you follow when filming rallying?

Børresen: “The key to make a good rally video is to have a fast spot with lots of movement in the car – like a combination. If you for instance film a jump it doesn’t have to be big as long as you can combine it with some nice corners preferably with a short distance in between. And as they say, sound is half the experience, so a decent external microphone helps!”

Your YouTube channel (Motorsport Filmer) have several videos with over 500 000 views, a few with over or around 1 000 000 views as well. That’s huge and compares very well to anything in the world of rallying videos. What kind benefits does this success bring?

Børresen: “That’s true and right now I have the 2nd most viewed video for both Rally Sweden and Rally Finland on YouTube. Both videos close to one million views now which is really cool! The benefits of the views means that I can make a decent amount of money from YouTube. It at least covers the most of my travel expenses during a year which includes around 20 events from different types of motorsport.”

How do you plan your visits to rallies? It clearly isn’t just filming from the spot you happen to end up. Can you give the story from this year’s Rally Finland, for example?

Børresen: “Planing a four day rally can take a lot of time, but I enjoy to watch onboards and recce stages so I don’t mind. That’s the beauty of rallying that you get to see so many places you would never see otherwise. I usually start a week in advance comparing what roads are driven compared to last year. Then I go over all stages picking out spots and taking extra attention to the stages I’m most likely to see. This year I spent around 5 hours of onboard watching on WRC+ and did nearly 20 hours of stage recce on site.”

You are also very quick on publishing videos. How would you describe the editing process?

Børresen: “That’s very important if you want to get a lot of views. Different pages on social media only share a few videos from each event, so if you are early, it helps. I raw edit the footage after each day and make sure the project has the previous days clips mixed together ready for the last days footage to be added. I also use a fast Mac Book Pro together with Final Cut Pro X, so exporting a video only takes me around 20 minutes now.”

There has been an ongoing discussion on the quality of official footage from WRC. What’s your opinion about it?

Børresen: “Making video and making sure you get the right sense of speed is never easy. The WRC TV crew has to use a tripod to make the footage steady enough for TV. They also have to have a spot where their advertising banners can be seen and sometimes a place slow enough for sponsors on cars to be seen. Sponsors pay for our and the drivers enjoyment so we can’t forget them. Onboard camera placement has recently been getting better. If we could have the same placement as Craig Breen had in Finland on all cars it would be very good. Watching driver’s steering inputs makes it more interesting to watch.”

Have you been contacted by WRC organization? How in general your work is appreciated by the people who organize or compete the events?

Børresen: “I have only contacted them once in Rally Sweden when I got Robert Kubica’s off in Lesjöfors. They were very helpful and nice to deal with. Drivers especially always appreciate the videos and getting to know a few of them and even getting a ride every now and then is very cool and keeps me motivated to do more.”

Do you have goals you would like to achieve with filming?

Børresen: “Just to keep entertaining people and enjoying my hobby. I’m happy the way it is. If I had it as a job, maybe I wouldn’t enjoy it as much, who knows!”

What is or would be your favourite event to shoot?

Børresen: “Rally Finland is definitely my favorite event. You can’t beat the atmosphere and the big jumps. Sweden and Sardegna are also very nice places and a it’s a bit more relaxed to travel around to the stages there with not that huge amount of people you get in Finland. There are several events I would like to do: Wales is a special places for us Norwegians due to a certain Petter Solberg and I think the 2017 cars will be nice to watch on tarmac, so maybe also Tour de Corse.”

Finally – in Finland the most rally video guys do crash scenes only. Do you have a taste for that, perhaps some favourites?

Børresen: “A crash now and then is okey as long as the damage is not too big and no one is hurt, but generally I don’t go to places like that. Often you only see the cars for a little while.  I actually haven’t gotten a proper crash on film in 2 years now. The F-Cup videos are often ridiculous. You don’t see cars going 50 kph too fast where I come from.  In Norway we don’t have rallies without pacenotes, so that could be spectacular to watch.”



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